Update b.11 small bugfix

A minor bugfix in this update to some stat checks being against a creature's base attribute rather than their modified attribute (from juice, injuries, etc).

Also the project files have changed since I upgraded the Unity editor version I was using due to a security issue that was reported recently (notes this was specifically an issue with the editor, not the game - there's no security risk from just playing it). As before it should work fine in the most recent Unity editor available, it doesn't have to be the version listed specifically in the description - but if you do have trouble, that version for sure should work.


LCS.zip 14 MB
Apr 02, 2019
LCS_Linux.zip 17 MB
Apr 02, 2019
LCS_Mac.zip 17 MB
Apr 02, 2019
LCS_Project.zip 44 MB
Apr 02, 2019

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