A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Liberal Crime Squad is a graphical remake of Toady One's game by the same name: http://www.bay12games.com/lcs/. There is a discussion thread specifically for this remake here: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=171787.0

The project files can be imported to Unity through the launcher - they were built using Unity 2018.4.34f1, so if newer versions cause problems, that version should work.

This page, as with the game itself, is still very much a WIP.

The project files are now available on GitHub: https://github.com/Alex-McClelland/LCS_Unity

A note on the Mac/Linux versions: These are provided as Unity provides a build option for them, however I cannot vouch for their functionality as I do not have a Mac or Linux machine to build/test on myself. If they don't work on your machine, your best bet is to run the Windows version through Wine or going to the github and building the project yourself.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
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AuthorThe Cheshire Cat
Made withTiled, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I don't know if it's relevant to this version specifically, but I've found the LCS wiki (incomplete as it is) to be pretty helpful.

Also, I'm not sure where I should go to report bugs, so I'll just bring the ones Ifound here. I'm on a Linux OS, so idk if these issues are reproducible on Windows:

When changing the team's slogan,  whenever I press "M" I wind up bringing up the Martyrs page.

When a character badly fails a "just talk for a little while" check on Adventures in Liberal Recruitment, they get the message that the person who was being persuaded comes off as slightly insane - not that the person doing the persuading messed up.

It's possible to use the number keys to talk to the same person more than once, even after they've already turned away. I can't do this with the mouse.

Reporting bugs here is fine, there's no discord or anything for this version. The first two bugs are easy fixes, the last one seems inconsistent, I was able to get it to happen once but as soon as I went in to look at the code to figure out what was going on it started working as expected so there may be some weird edge case to trigger it.

It's possible that I misinterpreted the game's UI on the "number keys to talk to someone multiple times". If someone's decided they're done talking to the squad, a tooltip on mousing over them says as much. I didn't mouse over the first few times and that may have been why I got confused.

Anyway, thanks for working on this version. Having played it for a bit, I prefer this to the text-based version by a long shot. Though I still don't know what strategies I can employ to actually succeed or even survive. I'll let you know if I find any other obvious bugs.

Oh, yes one thing to note about when people refuse to talk - if you ask them if they want to talk about the issues and they just say "no", that doesn't prevent you from talking to them again (that is by design). So if that's what you were seeing then it's the normal behaviour.

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Ah. Then it seems I misunderstood things.

Also, I found a typo - when viewing the stats of a non-liberal, their task is listed as "Mindless Consermerism". I think that should be spelled "Consumerism".

Jewelry is also spelled with three "e"s when it should be 2.


hello, does anyone have any advice on how to play the game, and what goals I should be looking for? I have read the wikidot pages, but I would like to hear other advice if it exists.

My current strategy is to get a bunch of Lieutenants to direct the actual crimes of my LCS, keeping my leader squeaky clean. I’ve had them set to tailoring to bring in some cash for about a year now, but aside from that I just feel kind of aimless — I don’t know how to safely increase Juice, because I don’t feel like I can grind for stats:

First and foremost I’ve been trying to go for disguise — getting around 4-5 Levels of it at the University, and then donning a police uniform and graffiting a public place (like the wikidot suggests). But then a cop realizes my agent is a Lib, and kills her right there. 

So yeah. It feels like I can’t gain juice because I have to risk my guys getting killed even if I follow the wikidots advice, and the only way to get decent stats is to recruit someone with those stats, or to go to the college. 

Any advice on that how you guys play, what your short-term/long-term goals are, and if I’m stupid for skipping an entire year not doing anything but leveling my guys tailoring stats (haven’t even gotten a safe house/defenses yet)?

The problem from May is still there. NordVPN removed the Windows download and detected a threat of “HEUR/APC” within the LCSXMLEditor.exe. Anybody got a VirusTotal link?


Hi again! Just wanted to check, are max skills supposed to, uh, get this high?

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They are supposed to cap at 20 but honestly that's kind of funny and I'm inclined to leave it - it doesn't actually break anything aside from having skills that high basically rendering it impossible to ever fail a check. You would have to do a LOT of grinding to actually make use of stats that high.

*edit* I am curious about what their main stat screen looks like, the bars must be going off the screen!

*edit 2* actually there may be some kind of bug here, looking into the code it doesn't seem like it should be possible to stack modifiers to get caps that high without incredibly high base stats (which are set when the character is created and never change). Can you upload your save again so I can take a look at what might be going on?

Here's the save file: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/qc966avcilourjl7if7yl/Save.sav?rlkey=heiz7uh6hvom...

Also, yup lmao the bars are LONG


Hmm, well I can see why it's happening but can't really figure out what caused it - somehow in the save file that character has ended up with almost 4 times the maximum amount of health, which is messing up the calculation that applies penalties based on how damaged someone is. I have no idea how it happened but it's something that should be pretty easy for you to fix yourself - if you open up the save file with a text editor, just search for all the instances of the line "<Blood>" (without quotes) and look for any numbers that are over 100 - if you change those to 100 the characters stats should look a lot more sane.

Noted, thank you!

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Confirmed, changing the Blood stat to 100 has brought the max stats down. E. Honda has been contained.

Also, I think the Blood stat got affected due to having multiple characters with First Aid on the same squad? I remember Honda got wounded and two characters healed him. I am not 100% certain but that might have happened. Regardless, thank you again!


It's a bit of a mystery to me; first aid doesn't actually restore health, it just stops bleeding (it is only supposed to use one person on the squad to do it so if multiple healers were applying first aid that's a bit of a bug, but not a major one since the effects would be redundant). The only way to actually regain HP is done by resting over time at the hospital/clinic/safehouse, but in any of these cases there's a check that's supposed to ensure they can't heal over 100%.

My only theory is that there is some combination of factors that allows people to take negative damage from attacks, since there's no check against the cap when receiving damage (after all their HP is supposed to be going down, not up), but I'm not really sure how that would occur. Let me know if you see it happen again and maybe what you were doing just before it occurred. I do have a fix that should prevent it by just resetting anyone with too much blood back to the maximum at the end of each day but it's not a huge issue so I will probably just include it with other fixes the next time I do a build.

Bug report: When my safehouse is being besieged by the cops, and I choose Escape/Engage, after defeating all the enemies I am unable to proceed. The game is just stuck.


Can you upload your save file somewhere so I can take a look at it? The save is located in C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\LocalLow\Lazy Dog Software\LCS

Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/e98x416hwqpkhu4d1nmfa/Save.sav?rlkey=vjs9qn7t0rha...

And thank you!


Thanks, I was able to diagnose the issue and it turns out to be a pretty easy fix, so I've uploaded a new build that should resolve it.

Oh, excellent! It works fine now, thanks very much!

Hey, just wanted to say I really like your version of LCS! Been playing it for the past couple of days and it's pretty fun. The graphics add more personality to the game, which I appreciate a lot. Do you have any plans to include the same public-domain music like the original did?


Music + Sound is one of those wishlist things I keep meaning to find the time to implement into the game but I didn't set up the system very well for it so it's kind of a backburner thing at the moment.

Ah, understood. Thank you for answering!


Hi! I keep getting this error as I go into a new month and the usual updates on my imprisoned liberals and any sleeper agent recruitments go through. At the end of those updates, I get this box, and no matter how many times I click or press enter, it doesn't go away. I'm playing on Mac using the latest version if that's any help. Thank you!



Okay, just kidding, I clicked it about a hundred times and it eventually moved forward. But my gosh it took a lot of clicks.


Can you upload your save file somewhere so I can take a look? It should be located in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Lazy Dog Software/LCS (the Library folder may be hidden by default)

Actually never mind, I was able to figure out what's causing the bug, it's an issue with sleeper recruitment at some locations but it should be an easy fix

Thanks! I'm dealing with some new issue. I've got a crew breaking into the Souter Garment Factory and when we try to leave, the squad goes to the exit blocks and nothing happens. Then I can't move. Any advice? 

Hmm, this kind of thing often happens if there's an unhandled crash - if this happens, can you exit the game and upload the output_log.txt file somewhere? It will be in the same location as the save data but it gets wiped every time the game restarts so it's only good if the error happened in your last play session. Uploading the save would be useful as well if it's something that happens every time you try to go there.

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Another lesser bug found: if a sleeper agent is a dog (might apply to all non-human characters) and gets ratted by another sleeper who got arrested, they will join the LCS but will keep their icon blacked out. This doesn't sound problematic but if you have a very large network it might be difficult to find out quickly who is in the shelter and has to be moved elsewhere.

Edit: this glitch gets cleaned up upon exiting and reloading the game.

Spotted two bugs during my run, although I must say it was on the b.16 bugfix3:
- If you have a raid (usually extrajudicial ones like the CCS or the Intelligence, haven't tried with a police raid) ongoing, that you make one siege breaker squad member wield a spraypaint can, exit the game and restart, then engage with that member, and then try to make a graffiti on a wall, the game will go back to the safehouse management screen and just skip the day; the siege is still in effect, nothing happens, it just skips the day.

- If you send a squad someplace, start a fight with dangerous enemies, and then the leader of the squad gets incapacitated but not killed (like by having their spine broken), the remaining members will hold duplicates of that person until they are all hauling someone, then the game will say that no one could haul the leader and he has to be left to be captured, which will effectively remove that member from the squad (happened while sending the squad to the Intelligence HQ and failed a sneak test).
I don't know what happens if you properly flee since I killed the game before that happening (it would have completely ruined my game), and I couldn't have a save of that since it wholly happened during an action.

I've found the root of both of these issues, they are pretty easy fixes. The former is because it's trying to track events as part of a news story that doesn't exist (this isn't an issue during police raids, which do get news stories), the latter seems to have been an issue with combat paralysis in general but it happens so rarely that I guess nobody ever noticed it before.

Speaking of the first issue, it would be nice if you could also raid your own safehouse "for trouble" just so I don't have to wait for the CCS/mercenaries/the intelligence to raid my own safehouse so I can repaint its walls (kind of like what you can already do with the safehouses you can steal from the CCS)


this is amazing. great work, fantastic.

I think I've encountered a bug where the Supreme Court edicts are incapable of changing laws to be more liberal- they either change them to more conservative, or they don't do anything. Besides that, great job. 👍

What's the makeup of your supreme court? Public opinion has no effect on how they will rule on laws, so a conservative majority supreme court will keep pushing laws back towards the conservative side even if the rest of the government is liberal. The only way to deal with it is to wait for a liberal/elite liberal president and senate to replace them as they retire or die.


It's a liberal majority, the exact makeup is 3 L+, 4 L, 1 C, 1 C+. I think it might be interpreting their rulings incorrectly, because when they vote it often swings towards change instead of status quo, but those laws then become more conservative.

Do you have a screenshot or something showing it happening? I've never seen it before and looking at the code there's not really any way that should be able to happen.

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I don't have screenshots of earlier in this playthrough, but I did notice that the Supreme Court rulings never made any laws more liberal, even after I got the majority, and regardless of how they voted.


Were the laws elite liberal before that? One thing that can come up when you have a majority of Liberal, but not Elite Liberal, justices, is that they don't like laws being all the way at L+. The supreme court behaviour is very basic - every judge just wants the law to match what their personal alignment is, with a bit of bias towards certain constitutional rights (a liberal bias on free speech, a conservative one on gun control, but these are ignored for C+ or L+ judges), so if the law change would push it closer to their alignment, they vote for change, otherwise they vote for status quo. The laws they vote on are random, but there will always be a few, and the more elite liberal laws you have the more likely that there will only be one direction for them to go. The only way to guarantee the supreme court won't push laws backwards is to have 5 L+ judges on the bench.

This is a pre-existing issue from the original game; some versions implement a special case where when the rest of the government is already elite liberal, they can propose a constitutional amendment that flushes the entire supreme court and replaces them all with L+ judges to speed up the endgame, but this isn't (currently) implemented in my version.

Hey Cheshire, having a similar issue with frozen black screen on loading save file.  Using the update with the fix (b.16 bugfix2). Could you please take a look into it for me?

Can you upload your save somewhere so I can take a look at it? I may end up needing to do a more comprehensive overhaul of the saving/loading process.



It looks like there are a few issues here, I have a fix that should allow the save to load with some error messages rather than just blanking out. Some equipped items may disappear but the game should be fine after that. I should be able to get a build up later, I'm working on including some other fixes to hopefully prevent the issue from reoccurring.

That's great! Thank you so much! Love the amount of work and effort you've put into this project over the years BTW!

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Can you add like a save thingy, am getting tired of restarting the game every time it breaks and just shows me nothing but black

I'm not sure what you mean; the game autosaves every time you advance the day, you should be able to just reload from the last save if the game crashes.

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i mean like a save file thingy, in case the other save breaks you can have the other save to load in, multiple save thingy

looks like this when it breaks

Can you upload your save file somewhere so I can take a look at it? I should be able to see what the error is and hopefully be able to fix it. You can find it in the folder C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\LocalLow\Lazy Dog Software\LCS on Windows.

Hey, I have downloaded the Mac version, and it says that this application could not be opened? Am I doing something wrong here? Sorry, not very computer savvy, saw this version of the game on Fredda's YT channel and would like to try it myself.

I've been looking into this and it seems like it might be a fairly major issue that I might not be able to fix - the Mac and Linux builds have always been kind of a "hit build and hope for the best" thing since I don't have either system but Unity (allegedly) supports exporting to them. From what I am reading there are problems with doing this now due to recent changes made by Apple to be stricter about unsigned apps. I may need to end support for the Mac version since I have no way to build from a Mac or sign the resulting executable.

If you really want to play, a potential option is to download the source from GitHub, import it into Unity, and do a build yourself. There's nothing that really needs to be done to make the build process work - once the project is imported and Unity has compiled it, it can be built right away. This may still run into the same issue with the resulting app being unsigned, though.

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What exactly is "Juice"? Is there a guide for this somewhere?
Safe to assume it decreases when members are laying low?
Am I wrong to assume that members who're wanted for crimes will the eyes of police that pass by?

edit: Playing the English Country Tune OST in the background works well for this game, btw.


For mechanics reference, the LCS wiki is your best bet: http://lcs.wikidot.com/

The information on there is based on the original ASCII version but my version draws all of its mechanics directly from the source code so they are 99% identical barring some minor tweaks here and there that don't really fundamentally change anything.

"Juice" is essentially experience points. It goes up when you do various liberal activities, but there is a cap based on how risky/illegal the thing is, with more criminal activity having a higher cap (1000 being the absolute cap). Hitting certain breakpoints will boost a character's base attributes and past 50 juice it will increase their subordinate cap so they can start recruiting. Subordinates also pass a bit of juice up the chain every time they get it so leaders can gain juice even without personally committing crimes. It can also drop in some circumstances, down to a minimum of -50, with stat penalties being applied for being below 0.

There's a separate "heat" value that tracks how wanted a Liberal is. This isn't directly displayed on the interface, but it will slowly drop each day - faster while doing community service. Having heat will make a Liberal vulnerable to arrest even while doing legal activities in public like selling T-shirts (community service is always safe, however), and the combined heat of every Liberal at a safe house will add to the safe house heat value, creating a risk of being raided if it passes the safe house's secrecy. It doesn't affect how suspicious they will be as part of a squad when causing trouble on site, but generally committing any sort of crime during a site action will make the whole squad suspicious until they leave.

NordVPN removed the Windows download and detected a threat of "HEUR/APC" within the LCSXMLEditor.exe. Wanna explain the malware detection so people can feel safe downloading and playing the game?
While I'm at it, anybody got a VirusTotal link?


That's an odd one but it's a false positive - heuristic detection can do that sometimes and it probably just doesn't like the fact that it's an unsigned executable. LCSXMLEditor.exe is a very basic winforms program that I wrote a while ago and should probably just remove because I haven't kept it up to date with the full set of XML tags the game actually uses. It never actually gets run by the main executable itself, it solely exists as an editor for messing with the game data files.


For anybody curious: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b7099c850b84b2010e408d6d0855a5b8e36246825f04...
Just had the zip re-analyzed, so it's getting a 0/61 now. 5 months ago, though, it had a threat detected on one of the security vendors. Don't recall what the detection was. 🤷🏿‍♂️

Hey, I've found several bugs (I play on Linux) regarding clips that would disappear between saves, especially clips from found weapons that don't generate extra clips. Sometimes it would just corrupt my save and be unloadable until I open the save myself and find then re-add the disappeared clips by hand (usually it's a .44 speedloader but it can happen with really any clip). Do you know anything about it?

I've never seen that issue before - does it happen after doing anything specific? I'm also not clear on what you mean by clips disappearing - as in they are registered to a character's inventory but don't load in the save, or the clip in the gun itself disappears?

(1 edit)

I kind of got both. Sometime I would raid a place that loots weapons, steal a gun and immediately assign it to a character, everything would go fine until I go back to the safehouse and I get a message like "clip(0123456) is not found and had to be destroyed", the gun remains loaded until I quit the game and start it back to find the gun empty, I haven't managed to reproduce this with guns I've found but haven't equipped to any character.
For the other instance, it's just that sometimes I would load a game and get a black screen, searching the log told me that it was because of some missing item, and I practically searched everyone's inventory in the save file to find out that some character would have clips in their inventory, but the item itself of the clips has disappeared from the save (and it happens often with .44 clips, although it also happened once with assault rifle clips). It happens mostly whenever the game saves following some safehouse raid.

I first thought it was because I have the bad habit of alt+F4'd the game whenever I do something stupid I didn't meant to that have dire consequences (like opening a door when there's conservatives around), but it happened once when I quitted the game using the "exit" button as intended (I just got the notification that one safehouse was being raided by either CCS or the Intelligence, forgot which but not the police). Plus I don't think I'm stopping the saving process this way considering that it would only save once my squad is back from whatever they've done and the next day starts?

I hope these clarifications helps.

(2 edits)

This is very helpful, thank you, I think I've found the root of the problem (it also explains why I never ran into it before, I don't tend to swap weapons while on location so I never thought to test it). When a weapon is equipped, it saves its "location" as the entity ID of the person that has it equipped. The issue is that it wasn't updating this information of the clip item contained inside the weapon, so it was still remembering its location ID to be the NPC that originally dropped it, who isn't persisted in the save file so it ends up as a dead reference. I should be able to have a fixed version up later today.

The fix won't be able to do anything related to issues already in your save file but it will prevent it from re-occurring in the future.

How do you check finances? i cant seem to find it anywhere. i want to see income and expenses at the end of month. love this game btw. thank you.

There isn't currently a way to do this but it makes sense as something I could add

it would be amazing if you did. great work.

Any interest to port this game to Android?.I think this one better than the original to be ported

I don't have any plans to do a mobile port - I don't have an android device to test on and supporting and updating mobile versions is a bit beyond what I ever had planned for this project.

Any plans for adding conversation hotkeys, or any other interface improvements?

There are conversation hotkeys - if you hit a number between 1 and 6 it selects the speaker, and doing it a second time will select the target. The letters in brackets on the buttons are the shortcut to activate the dialogue choice.

what would your feeling be on a mod. I'd like to mod a opposite/ccs version; but would like permission first, of course. 

I've deliberately built the game to be a somewhat mod friendly in terms of adding new items/locations/creature types, although any more substantial changes would require editing the source code (which you are free to do, it's up on github). An opposite alignment version might be more difficult than it seems because there are a lot of hard-coded assumptions of Liberal-ness for the player.

Is this still being updated?


I do not have any major updates planned (new features, etc.) but I am still doing bug fixes when something comes up.

is there anyway to add mods?

Modding is sort of halfway supported at the moment. There is no nice interface for it, and the amount you can do without digging into the code is very limited, but all the data files are in XML in the LCS_Data/StreamingAssets folder. Replacing/editing any of these will modify the game content, although changing anything related to world generation requires starting a new game for the changes to be picked up.

Could we get a way to sell multiple (or all) of an item? I'm making clothes to sell and it's time consuming to click for each item made.

That seems pretty doable, I can set it up so that if you shift + click an item stack it will move the whole thing to the sell window. I'll add a similar thing to the base inventory screen when doing base transfer orders.

Hello, I want to add Turkish to the game called liberal crime team, can you tell where the language files are

Unfortunately translation is something that requires altering the source code - it's a thing I'd like to make easier to do eventually but hasn't been something I've gotten around to yet. The project files are available to be modified if you want to take a crack at it but it would likely be fairly difficult because the text is spread throughout the code rather than collected in one centralized location.

I enjoy seeing a classic with some graphics, but hotkeys not working as well as the original made me just download normal LCS instead.

Still appreciate the effort 

Which hotkeys did you feel weren't working? I tried to match as close to the original as I could, although the dramatic UI changes meant that in some cases it just didn't work.

I think I was just awkward after being away from the game for years. I think in the original you can see all commands on the screen. I found "talking issues" with people to be very time consuming but i probably just forgot the hotkeys
If you are still working on this game I'll reinstall and play around with it. 

No I was wrong the hotkeys do not work.  When trying to recruit i need to click both my liberal and the target before choosing issues.

In the normal game you use 1-6 for squad and a-f for encounter. 

Also in the original you do not need to specify what squad member if there is only one in the squad. 

This makes it pretty much unplayable for me, recruiting is simply too tedious, specially without external mouse.

I love LCS but will stick to ascii version for now.

Also esc should take you out of char screen and in general bring you back towards root menu.  F should  make you "go (F)orth and..."

The ability to click adds a new element, but no interaction should require you to click, if the game isn't fully playable with keyboard only it's sadly unplayable to me, using the touchpad to do most everything is a big source of frustration. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Wow, this is a rare gem. Good work on remaking an obscure, but truly unique game.

Edit: wording

Thanks for continuing to update this!


I just found a really annoying bug, if you have too many lovers (in my case 20ish) they will start appearing off the manage liberals screen

(1 edit)

heres another on a different save

Ah, I can see why this is happening, it will need a fix. The system defaults to spreading out recruits under the person who recruited them but I never quite anticipated one person would recruit this many. In the meantime, you can bring them back to a sane position by going into the save file (which is found in C:/Users/(your username)/AppData/LocalLow/Lazy Dog Software/LCS) and looking for the <Liberal> entry under the person in question. There are two values there, <managerPosX> and <managerPosY>. If you set <managerPosX> to 1, it will bring it back to the middle of the screen.

(1 edit)

i'm playing on mac and i can't find my save file

On mac the location is in the Library folder, so it would be /Users/(your user)/Library/Application Support/Lazy Dog Software/LCS

(1 edit)

I found it! it was /Users/MyUser/Library/Application Support/unity.DefaultCompany.LCS/ thanks alot

I found a glitch, the fire station / fireman hq doesn't show up until you get raided by firemen

It's dependent on the legal status of Free Speech, so you're probably just noticing it at the same time as you get raided - it won't show up unless Free Speech is at Archconservative.

Ah, okay thank you

When your squad meets CCS leader, everyone in squad just instantly dies and then game crashes.

Can you post a copy of your output_log.txt (you can find it in C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\LocalLow\Lazy Dog Software\LCS) to pastebin so I can see the error message you're getting? I can't reproduce this on my machine. If you can post your save file (found in the same folder) that would also be helpful.

The usage of props at recruitment doesn't subtract from your money. Otherwise it's a great adaptation of the original game.

Nice. Would it be possible for you to release a linux version?

I can do a Linux build through Unity but I won't be able to test it so I'm not sure how it'll work. I don't use any windows specific APIs so it should be fine. I'll upload it with the next build.

Thank you. Works good so far.