Update b.9

A few minor bug fixes in this version and an experimental change that's likely to INTRODUCE more bugs so this version is probably a net downgrade, stability-wise. It will also break saves, which I've tried to avoid doing under the "b" releases but it can't really be avoided with this one.

  • fixed founder questions taking keystrokes as input while entering an alias
  • fixed props not actually costing money when recruiting 
  • fixed issue where "The Squad smells conservative panic" popup wouldn't display until one turn after conservatives became suspicious
  • Filled out some of the missing major story newspaper articles (although they're still pretty light on text). Articles without images associated with them will now no longer just show a big white square.
  • added preliminary multi-city support. By default there is only one city defined but if more are added in NationDefs.xml it will pick them up and modify the UI accordingly (note: changes to the nation will not be picked up in a game in progress - you'll have to start a new game).


LCS.zip 13 MB
Nov 05, 2018
LCS_Linux.zip 18 MB
Nov 05, 2018
LCS_Mac.zip 17 MB
Nov 05, 2018
LCS_Project.zip 21 MB
Nov 05, 2018

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