Update b.6

Nothing particularly exciting in this update - I finally took the time to actually play a full game start to finish, and whacked at any bugs I found along the way, so this is mostly those bug fixes. I also tweaked some interface elements a bit.

  • Liberals no longer regrow lost limbs when leaving the hospital
  • Changed attribute display to distinguish base stats from stats gained/lost from things like juice/age/wounds, etc.
  • Various CCS-related fixes
  • Fixed siege-escape chases so that non-police sieges would spawn correctly rather than always being SWAT troopers
  • Changed win requirements to ease up a bit on the Senate - it turns out getting the full 2/3rds majority is very difficult due to specific states being Conservatively-aligned - even at >90% public mood it still kind of caps out around 60 L+ senators. 3/5ths is now considered sufficient.
  • Fixed a bunch of fiddly little bugs that caused the gameplay flow to break and do things like drop you out of sitemode for no apparent reason.


LCS.zip 13 MB
Sep 23, 2018
LCS_Linux.zip 18 MB
Sep 23, 2018
LCS_Project.zip 20 MB
Sep 23, 2018

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