Update b.5

Mostly bug fixes in this one, although also included are some tweaks to portrait generation so that characters can acquire scars from taking damage, and will develop age lines/grey hair as they age.

  • Fixed a UI issue where if you lost and restarted a game, safe houses from the previous game would still show up in your safe house list.
  • Fixed an issue with interrogations where the target's wisdom was acting as a bonus rather than a penalty to your success chance, so high level targets became paradoxically easy to convert.
  • Fixed an issue with high heat Liberals being constantly chased by police when out doing legal fundraising.
  • Fixed a newspaper bug where a blank page would come up with "MASSIVE HEADLINE VERY IMPORTANT".
  • You can no longer give characters in random encounters involuntary sex changes on their detailed info page.


LCS_Project.zip 20 MB
Sep 18, 2018
LCS.zip 13 MB
Sep 18, 2018
LCS_Linux.zip 18 MB
Sep 18, 2018

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