Update b.2

This is a relatively small update with no significant gameplay changes aside from a few minor bug fixes - the main focus of this update and many going forward will be to work on code refactoring and documentation to make it easier to use/understand.

Changes in this update:

  • Refactored hotkey handling to make much more logical sense from a design perspective. This also resolves a few issues where hotkeys would not activate correctly under certain circumstances (such as the talk/fight hotkeys not functioning if arriving to a site on a bouncer tile like at the gentleman's club).
  • Added documentation to LocationDefs.xml.
  • Moved some files around so that now custom maps can actually be edited without needing to download the full source because image files required by the tilemaps were actually being compiled into the executable (whoops). A short explanation for how to edit maps is included in the new LocationDefs.xml documentation.


LCS_Project.zip 20 MB
Sep 08, 2018
LCS.zip 13 MB
Sep 08, 2018
LCS_Linux.zip 18 MB
Sep 08, 2018

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