Update b.1 + Source Code Release

After rounding off the last few missing features I'm finally ready to release the project files/source code along with the latest build. Contained in LCS_Project.zip is the complete Unity project file including graphics and source code. The project was built on Unity 2017.1.1 - I don't see why it wouldn't be compatible with newer versions but just in case something goes wrong, that version is your best bet for importing it correctly.

Going forward, there likely aren't going to be many more feature changes/additions (hence why I've released the source at this point). Anything I do add, I will also update the source download to include.

Features added in this build:

  • "Disband and Wait" option, accessible from the "View Political Map" screen on the Liberal Agenda. Like in the base game, this sets all your sleepers to "Advocate Liberalism" and accelerates time to skip a month at a time to run out the clock on the end of the game.
  • "View Liberal Martyrs" accessible from the Liberal Management screen. A list of Liberals who have died for the cause.
  • You can now change equipment during site actions. To be honest there was never any technical reason why this was disabled, it just always felt a little cheat-y to me that you could bypass the need to carry concealable weapons by just stashing large guns in your squad inventory as soon as you arrived. I may still tweak this but for now it works as it did in the original game.


LCS.zip 16 MB
Sep 06, 2018
LCS_Linux.zip 34 MB
Sep 06, 2018
LCS_Project.zip 22 MB
Sep 06, 2018

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