Update a.5

  • Added the CCS to the game. I haven't tested them very much so there may be some weird edge cases but for the most part they just sort of slotted in to the existing framework
  • Added the ability for Conservatives to pass a game-ending amendment if they control a huge majority in the house and senate.

I've also included a Linux build in this release and will continue to do so in the future unless there are issues with them - I don't have the ability to test them on my own machine so I have no idea if it even runs.

Getting close to what I would call "1.0", or at least I guess b1 since there are likely a bunch of bugs left even if the game is mostly feature-complete at this point.


LCS.zip 16 MB
Aug 15, 2018
LCS_Linux.zip 34 MB
Aug 15, 2018

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