Update a.3

  • Added in Newspaper summaries of your daily actions (if they were newsworthy). This is still somewhat WIP but the basic system is in place so it's mostly a matter of filling out content and creating Liberal Guardian variations for when you're printing your own paper.
  • Added ability to take over the Crackhouse for a second upgradable safehouse (if you do enough damage in a site action to close the site, you'll take it over instead).
  • Added in genetic monstrosities at the genetics lab and CEO mansion (you could still interact with the cages before but you'd never encounter the monsters, making them functionally equivalent to the bunny cages at the cosmetics lab) - they still have human faces for now but I also added a system that allows species to override the default portrait generation system with a fixed graphic (or picking randomly from a set of images) instead, so they will eventually use this once I find some images to use for them. Dogs and tanks have been switched over to do this now so they no longer have human faces.
  • A bunch of bug fixes in this patch, which is why I uploaded this version rather than waiting until I'd finished the News stuff since I caught some fairly major gamebreakers when testing it out.


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Jul 16, 2018

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