Update a.2

A relatively small update - most of them will be about this size since that's the pace I work.

  • Added the ability to publish Liberal Guardian special editions at the end of each month. You'll get a popup if you have an "evidence" item in one of your safehouses and have at least one Liberal writing for the guardian.
  • Added sieges from non-police entities if you make them angry by publishing certain things.
  • Added "Release Oppressed" option for some creature types. This works a bit different than in the original game - it will prompt if you want to recruit them and gives a little bit of juice either way (about on par with vandalism), so you can choose to just liberate a bunch of sweatshop workers for juice without filling up your recruitment slots.
  • Police can now arrest your squad during site actions if they've subdued you (if there is a healthy cop in the enemy group and everybody in your squad is badly injured)
  • Added ability to spray graffiti during site actions. Graffiti will now also appear randomly in the world in particularly bad areas.
  • Added some graphics for a few items. All of these should be considered placeholders, I haven't really settled on a "style" yet.

On the technical side of things, I've updated some of the asset XML files with instructions for how they're formatted, so you can get an idea on how to add new things to the game. These can still potentially change but for the most part the XML formatting is pretty nailed down at this point so the only real changes I might expect would be to add new flags or maybe a few new optional tags.


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Jul 12, 2018

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