Update a.1 (for lack of a better name)

I haven't been versioning these or anything so we'll call this update alpha 1. If you've downloaded the game before, this version adds in the initial question set that allows you to customize your founder, and adds some graphical overlays on the organization screen for when liberals are in the hospital/prison.

Since this is effectively version 1 and already has a ton of stuff in it, I feel like it would be more useful to create a rough list of bullet points of features still MISSING from the original game. This may not be an exhaustive list since I'm just filling it out off the top of my head - if you notice anything I've forgotten to mention, add it in a comment to this post and I'll include it.

The big list of features still needed before version 1.0:

  • Conservative Crime Squad
  • Newspaper/major events (the backing logic for the news system is in place but it doesn't currently display anything to the player)
  • Liberal Guardian special editions
  • Vehicles/Car chases
  • Crack house takeover for extra safehouse
  • "Release Oppressed" action for sweatshop workers/prisoners
  • Talk options (some of these have buttons on the UI but they are currently nonfunctional):
    • Black Market weapon purchase from gang members
    • Threatening hostages to escape combat
    • Surrender to police while causing trouble
  • Conservative victory game over
  • "Disband and Wait" option
  • Spraying graffiti while causing trouble
  • Some custom maps and site special actions still missing/incomplete
  • Lots of graphics still placeholder/missing


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Jul 05, 2018

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I wait with bated breath.

So apparently I can't edit devlogs after posting them, and of course immediately after I posted it I just remembered another missing feature:

  • Safe house raids from non-police