Update b.13

Another minor update with various tweaks/fixes

  • Added number quick selection when selecting targets to talk (press 1-6 to select speaker, press 1-6 again to select target. Press backspace to go back a step)
  • Added more hotkeys to various screens, exposed some hotkeys that already existed but weren't labelled on the UI
  • Updated empty safehouse raids to also dismantle the compound along with confiscating items
  • Minor behind the scenes cleanup


LCS.zip 17 MB
Sep 26, 2020
LCS_Linux.zip 17 MB
Sep 26, 2020
LCS_Mac.zip 16 MB
Sep 26, 2020
LCS_Project.zip 44 MB
Sep 26, 2020

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Is it just me, or is training disguise just impossible? I've tried to go around the internet cafe while people are suspicious, but there's no sneak or bluff option, my guys just get blasted or popped in the face.

Might just be extremely out of practice.

PS: I love this graphical remake of the game, it's honestly really cool and an awesome way to play the game, but it's definitely behind a bit. No insult towards you, though, you did an incredible job with this!

Disguise does require a successful roll to gain experience, so it's hard to build up from scratch; it's usually easier to have people train it solo or in small groups, because each person has to make an independent check and if anyone fails, your entire squad's cover is blown and nobody gets experience. All you need to do to do a disguise check is just run into a group and try to walk away from them - it's automatic. Bluffing is only available if your cover has already been blown. You can also raise disguise by sending people to learn theatre at the university, or have someone who already has a few points in the skill teach infiltration.