Update b.12

Not as big of an update as you would expect for the time since the last one - I mostly haven't been changing much since the game is pretty much in its final state, so it's just smaller bug fixes and a few tweaks to existing features to make them work a bit better.


  • Adjusted the way that state alignments influence the way their voters behave. Now state alignment is most influential when public mood is close to the center, and less influential when it is at the extreme ends.
  • Added mouseover tooltips for supreme court justices that lets you know how old and healthy they are to get a better sense of when they might retire/die. You cannot influence this but it's nice to know.
  • Expanded state tooltips to include information about their alignment and EC votes.
  • Added the intro text
  • Fixed a bug where a paralyzed Liberal added to a squad would keep getting hauled (sometimes by themself!), even if they had a wheelchair
  • Fixed a bug where encounters could be generated on the exit tile, which would softlock the game if encounter warnings are enabled
  • Fixed MEDIA_AMRADIO typo in some creature defs (should be MEDIA_AM_RADIO)
  • Added ability to release active Liberals from the LCS
  • Fixed various minor issues that could arise from specific uncommon scenarios


LCS.zip 17 MB
Apr 16, 2020
LCS_Linux.zip 17 MB
Apr 16, 2020
LCS_Mac.zip 16 MB
Apr 16, 2020
LCS_Project.zip 44 MB
Apr 16, 2020

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